Saturday 20 October 2007

World Cup Final

Well, I've been predicting England's demise since before the Tonga game, but surely they must bow out this time. South Africa have played far more expansive and more entertaining rugby throughout the competition, and deserve to be champions. I've played on some bad rugby teams in my time. I know the genre well. England are a bad, ugly rugby team, and brave though they have been, they'll get what's coming to them this evening.

There are a few individuals I sympathise with: Brian Ashton, who seems like a very genuine bloke; Jason Robinson, whose performance against South Africa was worthy of 300 (had the other 299 Spartans been rubbish), and Mike Catt, the Grand Old Man of international rugby. And of course, hoping that England lose because they play negative rugby has me in agreement with Neil Francis, who even as I write is smirking his way through another tour de force in smug punditry, self-satisfaction roiling out of him like the noisome fumes from a gutter-bound drunk. It is, naturally, impossible to stop watching Setanta as a result.

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